Five Poems

A short note on Paul Burke's Five Poems, from the composer:

Five Poems is a set of character pieces – the first, third, and fifth are for trumpet and organ together, while the second and fourth are for organ solo. 

Each piece takes a different poem as a departure point. Guillaume Apollinaire’s Sick autumn (Automne malade) is a love song to the transition from summer to winter, ‘when it has snowed in the orchard’. Dance in the sepulchre is a quotation from W. H. Hudson, which here is the springboard for a skeletal dance, while The lighted city is dark is from a nocturnal cityscape by Clifford Dyment. The e e cummings poem anyone lived in a pretty how town takes a typically sidelong view of small-town life, while Ryan Whatley’s 50cc is an energetic portrait of a motorbike ride, where ‘in spite of the quick petrol stink...I knew the height hanging him, the immigrant feeling I knew and in that there was something’.